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The following information is to assist customers who are having issues with the operation of their digital speedometer. These issues are often related to one of the following topics.

Ensure the installation instructions are followed in full.

  • Each speedometer has installation instructions included with it. These need to be followed in full to ensure that the speedometer will operate correctly. These instructions are also available on the Installation page.

Ensure that the speedometer is installed in a weatherproof position.

  • Our speedometers are not designed for installation in positions where they are likely to be exposed to moisture, high humidity, dust or dirt, such as would be found in external positions on a motorcycle or other open cabin vehicle.
  • Damage from these types of exposures are not included in the speedometer warranty.

Do not attempt to repair the speedometer.

  • All speedometers are provided with a 24 month unlimited kilometre warranty. This is voided if it is opened or repairs to it are attempted.

Ensure that the speedometer is located in a position where it is visible to GPS satellites.

  • The speedometer’s speed information is obtained from satellites, using a GPS module. If the speedometer is installed in a position where it is not visible to the satellite, such as under the dashboard or low down (on the centre console) in the vehicle, it will be unable to display speed information.

Ensure that the vehicle does not have a metallic or UV resistant windscreen or window coating.

  • Some vehicles have these types of coatings, either installed by the manufacturer or applied as an after market accessory. They can in some cases prevent the speedometer from operating by blocking the view of the satellites. They may also delay the commencement of operation of the speedometer.

Ensure the vehicle remains stationary until the speedometer has commenced operating.

  • After being turned off for a long period of time (such as overnight), the HillSpeed HUD 09 needs to scan to find the positions of the GPS satellites. It does this when it first starts up and this normally takes about 30 seconds before the speed display is shown. If the vehicle starts to move before the scan has been completed (while the display is still cycling in a rotating pattern), then the start up scan can take much longer. It is recommended that the vehicle remain stationary until the HUD 09 has completed its start up scan and the speed display is shown.

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