Bogaard Factory

Our history

We began development and production of turbo timers in 1982. The business started as a joint venture between Puck Bogaard and Kevin Hill. Both had previously worked for Ferris Bros, an Australian car radio and television manufacturer; Puck in product design and development and Kevin as sales manager. They left to start independent businesses when Ferris Bros was sold to an overseas company. 

With growth in sales during the 1980’s the joint venture was formalized. Additional products were introduced; glow plug timers and DC converters and OEM supply to major Australian truck and engine manufacturers; Kenworth Trucks, Iveco and Western Star Trucks and Cummins commenced.

In 2004 the first of our range of digital speedometers was introduced.

In 2012 our 250,000th turbo timer was produced. The businesses are now run by the next generation of each family.

Kevin Hill (L) & Puck Bogaard (R)

Bogaard TeamBogaard is a privately owned business located in New South Wales, Australia. It consists of two companies. Bogaard Electronic Services is the manufacturer of our products and Bogaard Distributors carries out distribution, marketing and general administration.

We have more than 30 years continuous experience in the design, development, manufacture, distribution and servicing of automotive electrical products. All of these are carried out in Australia, ensuring that all we produce is optimized to operate in the extremes of local conditions.
Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. We aim to provide the highest quality products with exceptional sales and after sales service.

Our products are subject to stringent quality control during production. On completion, every item is individually tested, ensuring that every product leaving the factory will be able to achieve the highest standards of reliability.

Because of this we are able to provide a 24 month unlimited kilometre manufacturers’ warranty on all of our products.
We offer comprehensive sales and technical support to both trade and retail customers.

Sales support includes:

  • assistance with correct product selection during business hours.
  • same day shipping with next day delivery for the majority of orders.

Technical support includes:

  • installation advice and
  • troubleshooting and on-going operational assistance during business hours.

Our after sales service, where required, aims to provide the minimum disruption to our customers with the provision of warranty and technical support tailored to their individual requirements.


“The best and easiest Turbo Timer to install in the market, Cooldrive Distribution are proud to be distributors of the Bogaard Turbo Timer product range. With a comprehensive application list to cater for all vehicles  installed with a Turbo, Bogaard Turbo Timers are the perfect accessory and best solution to protect your vehicles Turbo…”
David Heydrich - Cooldrive Distribution

“When I call, the staff couldn’t be more helpful and the product always comes the next day without fail. In all of the years we have dealt with Bogaard, we have had one return which was dealt with immediately without question. I love that the plug-in units take less than 30 minutes to fit. I couldn’t recommend the company more highly.”
Leigh Holman - SVS Auto Repairs & Dyno Tuning - Cairns