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Designed either as an economical replacement for original equipment timers or where no timer is currently fitted, Bogaard Glow Plug Timers provide all of the usual benefits of glow plug timers:

  • optimum cylinder temperature every time, for reliable starting.
  • reduced need for costly glow plug replacement.
  • extended battery life through quicker starting.

In addition they:

  • have adjustable glow plug ON time to suit individual engines.
  • have automatic operation at key switch.
  • are easily installed with full serviceability.
  • replace most original equipment timers at much lower cost.

Bogaard Glow Plug Timers are available in two models. Both provide adjustable pre-glow and after-glow.

Glow timer DGT-1 is designed for applications employing pre-glow & after glow systems where a voltage dropping resistor or after glow is already present in the vehicle.

Glow timer DGT-2 is designed for applications where glow plug after glow is not provided & is required, or where the existing after glow system is damaging the plugs. It provides a single output, which is constant voltage during pre-glow, but switches to pulsed output for after glow. The pulsed output (typically 2 seconds on - 2 seconds off) doesn’t allow the plugs to reach full heat during the on period nor full cold during the off period. This reduces stress on the glow plugs while generating heat to aid cold engine running.

These products are available exclusively through our dealer network in Australia and New Zealand. Use our Dealer Locator to find dealers near you.

 Glow plug timer model DGT-1

Glow plug timer model DGT-1


Glow Plug Timer