Australian Made Digital Speedometers

Model HUD 09

This model uses an internal GPS module to provide speed sensing. It is suitable for any of the general applications listed above.

It consists of the Display Module only.


  • Accurate speed display in external locations
  • Visual & audible adjustable over-speed alarms
  • Options for plug & play or permanent power connection

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The HillSpeed Digital Speedometers provide an additional or alternative vehicle speed display. They can be used in a range of situations where an accurate, easy to read, prominent display of speed is required and where warning of exceeding a maximum speed is either necessary or desirable. These can include:

  • general motoring where speed limits apply.
  • industrial applications where there are OH&S requirements.
  • driver training and examinations.
  • where the existing vehicle speed display requires replacement.
  • where there is no existing speed display.
  • situations where constant vehicle speed is required.
  • where vehicle modifications such as different size wheel rims mean that the existing speed display is not accurate.

The HillSpeed Digital Speedometer accurately monitors speed and is designed to be mounted on the top of the dash of any vehicle, within the driver’s field of vision.

It has a large, easy to read display in all light conditions, with automatic brightness adjustment according to the light conditions. it is easily and safely read at a glance with no need for the driver to take their eyes off the road. The driver is aware of their speed at all times, allowing them to drive safely and avoid speeding fines.

The in-built overspeed alarm can be set to any desired speed and quickly and easily programmed to give any combination of the in-built audible and visual alarms when that speed is exceeded.

It has plug and play operation, allowing them to be simply and easily installed and operating immediately after installation.

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 HillSpeed HUD 09 digital speedometer

HillSpeed HUD 09 digital speedometer


HUD 09 with all included parts

HUD 09 with all included parts