DC Converter

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Bogaard DC Converters provide a reliable continuous source of 12 volt power in vehicles which operate at 24 volts. These can include trucks, machinery, excavating equipment, boats and helicopters.

There are models suitable for most applications; from CB and other radio equipment, to computers and refrigerators, lighting systems or any other 12 volt equipment.

They have the following features:

  • fully electronic operation, minimising heat output and giving greater reliability.
  • compact size.
  • remote ON/OFF and RESET.
  • in-built protection against short circuit, excessive current and overheating. If the internal circuit breaker is tripped by any of these conditions, momentarily interrupting the +24 volt supply to the white wire will operate the reset switch & restore +12 volt output to the load.

Because of their compact size, minimal heat output, remote resetting and excellent reliability they can be safely fitted in difficult to access locations.

Specification and installation information for both models is shown on the Features and Installation page.

These products are available exclusively through our dealer network in Australia and New Zealand. Use our Dealer Locator to find dealers near you, or buy them online direct from us.

 DC converter model CR-60

DC converter model CR-60


DC converter model CR-150HD

DC converter model CR-150HD